Is a phone reading just as “good” as an in-person reading?

There is no difference in the overall result of a phone reading versus a face to face reading. During a Phone Reading, a good Psychic with strong intuitive abilities will be able to connect with your energy through a number of different channels. As the Reader tunes into your actual Vibrations, it makes no difference as to where you may be or what you may be doing during the reading process.
If you would like an accurate and personalized reading, call our authentic readers today. Our readers are experienced, compassionate and precise.
I am tuning into your energy. Once we set an intention, I can read you accurately whether we are in the same room or not. In fact, I strongly prefer to read over the phone because I’m not distracted by your physical appearance, body language, and so on. I’m free to focus on your energy as it comes to me through your voice.

Will I get my questions answered in a short (10 to 20 minute ) reading?

Psychic Solutions offers short readings from $ 35 for 10 minutes for those who have just a couple of questions they’d like to look at in some detail. I connect very quickly and can pack a ton of intuitive guidance into a very short period of time. (If you’ve had a reading from me before, you know that’s the case!) A short reading is also a great way for you to see whether or not we’re a good fit for each other without making a larger commitment of time and money.

What we say during a reading stays between you and your chosen reader. I take my obligation to protect your confidentiality very seriously. We do not record your readings like the larger phone services do.

The whole point of a psychic reading is not just to allow you to explore what is going to happen in your future but also to hand you the insight and empowerment you need to create the best possible future outcome for yourself.

A client should come to a reading with an open heart and an open mind. Being open expands the possibilities. When someone is closed down, it can be difficult for the reader to connect with that person’s energy. It’s okay to have a healthy skepticism as long as the person is open to the discussion.

It’s smart to bring a list of questions. Asking a question opens the energy and allows an answer to be received. One of the psychics pointed out that the Universe answers general questions in a general way. If the clients want to know something in detail, they should ask specific questions.

People might not receive answers to all of their questions, but if they put them in priority order, they should get the answers, most important to them.

We care about our Clients and abide by all codes of ethics within the industry, giving you an Honest and Accurate Reading

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